Wedding Artwork
Terms & Conditions
These pieces of artwork can be undertaken from photos in advance of a wedding, to:

Alternatively, photos of a couple's big day can be used following a wedding, to:

I also specialise in Wedding Portraits and producing other wedding-related pictures, such as churches and other wedding, or reception venues.

Weddings - Wedding Artwork
I am also able to offer extra wide mounts to accompany your artwork. These can be used on your big day for guests to sign and document their good wishes, as a very personalised 'guest book' alternative. This makes a beautiful record of a couple's wedding day and enables you to hang up and display a very meaningful piece of art, surrounded by all your close friends and families' comments. Please refer to my Mounts and Frames page for more information on this wide mount and framing options.

As a supplement to such a commission, each piece of artwork can then also be used, if required, to create a selection of Wedding Stationery. I am able to produce a variety of stationery, including the following:

If you wish to create your own personalised stationery, I can also provide a high-quality scanned electronic version of your commissioned artwork on CD, for your own use. Please refer to my Stationery page for more information on all my stationery options.