Wedding Package
Terms & Conditions
I currently offer three individual sets of stationery as standard:

Pieces of stationery within each of these sets are produced on a 'per Guest' basis, with a minimum of 30 guests being catered for.
Weddings - Stationery
My Order of Service Covers are produced on high quality textured paper, folded once to create an A5 size booklet. As such, they are suitable for you to print
As explained above, the above sets of stationery are produced on a 'per guest' basis. Please see my Weddings - Prices page for the associated prices of these stationery sets.

Please note that all stationery is produced only as a supplement to a main artwork commission. It is created, as standard, in the styles shown on this page, although alternative designs can be discussed and accommodated, with any associated cost implications confirmed upon commissioning.
I can also create a unique motif in the corner of your stationery, to compliment any wedding theme and colour scheme you may have. To do this, I will paint a simple emblem in the appropriate colour (butterfly, flower, etc) and scan it onto each piece of stationery, prior to printing.
My Wedding Invitations are produced on a single-sided A6 size card, and created in a very stylish black and white, with your artwork being incorporated as a monochrome image. This goes on to create a unique and elegant personalised invitation, as shown here:

print orders of service on standard A4 paper, fold and insert into each provided cover. I create them in the same stylish monochrome  as my invitations.
My 'Thank You' Cards are produced on white card, folded once to create an A6 size card. They are also created in the same monochrome style as my invitations and order of service covers. Examples of both my Order of Service Covers and 'Thank You' Cards are also demonstrated here:
Alternatively, should you wish to create your own stationery, I am able to provide you with a CD containing a high quality electronic scan of your commissioned artwork, for a small additional charge (as listed in my Prices page).  You can then use this electronic image (in JPEG format) to create your own personalised stationery, incorporating it into any word processing or similar software.