Wedding Package
Terms & Conditions
The following prices are based upon artwork created from single subjects or, as a special Wedding offer, a portrait of a couple, and in a standard A4 or A3 picture size.

                                                  Pine-Framed        Pine-Framed with wide mount          Unframed

            A4 Pencil Drawing                60                                   70                                     40
            A3 Pencil Drawing                75                                   85                                     50

            A4 Watercolour Painting      70                                   80                                     50
            A3 Watercolour Painting      85                                   95                                     60

Other bespoke sizes and multiple subjects can be offered, for which prices are to be agreed upon commission. However, as an indication, for multiple subjects, each additional subject will be likely to cost in the region of an extra 20 per subject.

Please note that the prices above exclude postage and packaging. Any such additional cost will be evaluated based upon each individual commission and confirmed with my client upon commissioning of the work (see Payment & Delivery).

The above price of a Pine-Framed work includes a plain mount to compliment the artwork (either standard or wide, as priced individually above) and a simple pine frame. Alternative framing can be adopted (see Mounts and Frames) and, if this is required, a revised price will be confirmed and agreed upon commission.

Wedding Stationery
The following prices are based upon my standard stationery pieces and services, as described in my Stationery page and are supplementary to the above initial artwork price.

                                                      30 or Fewer Guests       Over 30 Guests
                                                           ('Lump Sum' Price)               (per piece)
            Wedding Invites                              30                         1.00
            Order of Service Covers                  30                          1.00
            Thank You Cards                             45                          1.50

            CD with electronic version of artwork                              10

Other services, including individual pieces and alternative stationery sizes or designs can be offered, for which exact requirements and prices are to be agreed upon commission.

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