Gift Certificates

                                                  Pine-Framed        Unframed

            A4 Pencil Drawing                60                  40
            A3 Pencil Drawing                75                  50

            A4 Watercolour Painting      70                  50
            A3 Watercolour Painting      85                  60

I am also able to offer Gift Tokens in the form of certificates, which are ideal for those of my clients who wish to give one of my pieces as a gift, but are undecided on which subject matter or particular photo to choose. By purchasing a Gift Certificate, you can leave the choice of photo up to the receiver of this certificate. This is also an option if your gift is required for a particular date, but you are unable to give enough notice to commission a painting or drawing in time.

Each Gift Certificate has a unique reference number, which should then be used by the owner on all of our future correspondence, and is valid for three months from the date of purchase.

They can be purchased for any of my standard picture media, sizes and framing options as described on the My Service page and listed on my Prices page. There are therefore available for the same standard prices, as listed below:

The Gift Certificate will then be redeemable for the value at which it was purchased, the figure of which will be recorded on each individual certificate. It will not be transferable for cash and, as with my direct commissions, the certificate value will include only for a single subject and free hand delivery within the Taunton area. However, additional requirements, such as alternative sizes and media, multiple subjects, framing or delivery outside of the Taunton area can also then be accommodated at the time of ordering, with any additional cost over and above the certificate value, payable prior to delivery.

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